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TheoNerds exists to herald Christian projects, products, and services of excellence to theology nerds. Our target demographic is people who take the Bible seriously, but who also have hobbies in the geek, gaming, and tech spaces. Please familiarise yourself with our statement of faith. Should you find it agreeable we would love to help you reach our readers and listeners!

Website Stats

  • Average Monthly Unique Visitors – 1,087
  • Average Monthly Page/Post Views – 2,880
  • Website Bounce Rate – 71%
  • Average Session Time Per Visit – 1min 33s
  • Top 5 Traffic Locations – USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa
  • Email List – 174 (25% Avg. Open Rate)

Stats Last Updated: November 2022

Available Interests For Targeting

  • Theology (Apologetics, History, Doctrine)
  • Geek (Comics, Pop-Culture, Music, Film & TV)
  • Gaming (Tabletop Games & Video Games)
  • Tech (Guides, Reviews, News)

Why Theology Nerd Ads

πŸ“– Theologically Robust

Our content is catered to people who take the Bible seriously and who enjoy products, services, or projects that do likewise. 

Since this can be a challenging demographic to tap into, we seek to alleviate that difficulty by being the #1 space on the internet for Christian geeks and nerds to find quality products and services. 

😑 Big Tech Hates Christians

Facebook has recently updated their service to remove all Christian interest based advertising.Β 

This results in Christian publishers having to spend more money at a higher cost per impression to service their ads to the intended audience.Β 

Facebook and other big-tech sites also regularly support anti-Christian causes which is unfortunately funded by your ad spend.Β 

πŸ’₯ Designed For Clicks

The entire site has been designed with the user experience in mind. 

Advertisements are not designed to annoy or hinder the enjoyment of our content but rather supplement and further its intentions. 

We are able to display ads and articles to specific topics of interest that would result in greater user engagement. 

πŸ›‘ Ad Blocker Prevention

Since Google pays publishers per ad impression, many websites flood the screen with as many ads as they can. 

We believe this harms advertisers, annoys users, and ultimately results in tech-savvy people (those who visit adopting ad blockers.

Since our display ads and featured content run from our own server, they cannot be blocked, unless the entire website is blocked.

πŸ™Œ We Reward Your Organic Efforts

Featured content is ordered based on how much community engagement they are receiving.

The more your community interacts with your featured content, the more reach it receives by the TheoNerds audience.

Latest comments are likewise featured at the top of every article to encourage discussion and link to your content. 

πŸ’“ Love Thy Neighbour

Since the glory of God and the furtherance of His gospel on earth is our ultimate goal, not profit, we invest donations from this service back into which in turn helps everyone participating to reach even more people!

We run ads on a donation basis and can meet any advertisers budget.

What We Offer

Featured Content + Email Blast

Front Page Featured Content Example (Desktop)spot_img

This written and/or podcast content is meant to answer the β€œwhat is it?” question and give a bit of background information as to who you are and why people should be interested in what you are doing.

Your featured content will be sent to our email list, displayed on the front page of at the end of every article on the site (Mobile) and in the sidebar of every article (Desktop). 

Currently Featured

Banner Ad Examples

Currently Featured

Banner Ads

Front Page Banner Ad Example (Desktop)spot_img

Display ads on are designed to supplement the user’s experience with the site to increase overall click through rates. This is why we only offer two placements, front page and end of article.  An image ad will also be included in our weekly email send as a Spotlight.

Desktop & Tablet – 1456×180
Mobile – 600×500

NOTE: These ads can’t be blocked by ad blockers as they come from the same server as our content! 

Worthy of Your Time Email Link

Full-Screen Ad Example (Desktop)spot_img

We send weekly emails that feature our latest written content and podcasts. We close these emails with a Worthy of Your Time section which includes text headlines and URLs.

This content can also be found organically on a website called Substack. 

Headline & URL

The Best Part!

We are creating a passionate community of Theology Nerds who are seeking quality Christian products and services that are theologically robust.

Think of as your reach amplifier.

For this reason, your campaign with us runs on a “pay what you want” donation basis. We use this support to put back into TheoNerds to help reach more people!

What Do You Need?

Bundle 1

  • Banner Ads (30 days + Spotlight* in email)
  • Pop-Up Ad (30 days)
  • Worthy of Your Time Email Link*


Bundle 2

  • Written Article (Web Featured + Email Send)
  • Everything In Bundle 1


Bundle 3

  • Podcast Interview (Web Featured + Email Send)
  • Everything In Bundle 1 & 2


*Featured Content, Spotlight Image & Worthy of Your Time Links are all sent in separate emails. This maximises the reach of your messaging to our email list. 

NOTE: All our services are subject to availability and compatibility