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    Best Christian Board Games For Adults

    Is game night coming up with your theologically savvy friends?

    Do you long for a board game to play that perfectly blends excellence with biblical truth?

    Then have no fear!

    Among the donkeys rises many thoroughbreds in the developing Christian board games industry.

    Here are five Christian board games for adults that you need to know about:


    1-4 Players | 60-120 Min. Play Time | +13 Age

    A passion project by ex-Hearthstone professional gamer Andrew Lowen, Deliverance is the most-funded Christian board game of all time and shows no signs of slowing down!

    You and your team play cooperatively as elite angels sent to deliver the saints from evil as you fight legions of demons in the unseen realm.

    Deliverance packs a punch and is an extremely tactical board game that will get your blood pumping and your mind thumping.

    A must-have for every Christian gaming family!

    The Flood

    1-4 Players | 60-120 Min. Play Time | +14 Age

    Elijah Morar, along with a group of friends, started Bedouin Games to create Christian-themed board games for hobbyists.

    The Flood board game takes many elements of the popular Catan series and improves upon them while entrenching you and your team in a pre-flood race to build the ark!


    1-4 Players | 60-120 Min. Play Time | +14 Age

    A survival crafting board game with RPG elements designed by Ryan Williams.

    Stranded in the backwoods of the Rockies in 1830, your supplies and some crew were ravaged by the Colorado River.

    Cold and wet with nightfall quickly approaching, you must work as a team to gather supplies and seek civilization. The dark woods are not all that they seem, however. A haunting presence stalks the wilderness.

    You will need more than strength or cunning to successfully scout your demonic surroundings.

    Backwoods is also the only board game that I know of where you can rebuke demonic feral animals in the name of Jesus!


    2-6 Players | 60 Min. Play Time | +13 Age

    Described as “reverse pandemic” you are an apostle spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth! Plant churches and overcome persecution as you span 150 years of church history.

    Developed by Patrick Lysaght, who, after he finished his master’s program that dealt with church history, was inspired to develop a game that narrows in on key events of persecution that the church had to overcome.

    Commissioned also comes with an accompanying theme appendix that highlights points of interest from this historical period.

    The Unseen

    1-6 Players | 60-90 Min. Play Time | +13 Age

    A story-driven adventure into the unseen world of spiritual battle where you will work with your team to dethrone the Monarchs of Doubt, Guilt, Fear, Sickness, Suffering, and Hatred.

    The Unseen board game also has a really impressive accompanying audio drama that will fully immerse you in the world and its narrative landscape!

    Honorable Mentions

    There are other Christian tabletop games that are worth looking into that are not board games for adults, such as the tabletop role-playing game Allies of Majesty, the bible study gamifier The Armoury Bible Game, and the many titles for kids from Bible Games Central!

    What Do You Think?

    Did we miss any? Make sure to let everyone know what your favorite Christian board game is in the comments below!


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    Derek White
    Derek White (@guest_2627)
    1 month ago

    Maybe check out True Frenemies

    Phil (@guest_2608)
    1 month ago

    You’ve not included The Game For Good Christians. Granted, not everyone will appreciate this very adult take on scripture. However it will prompt some intriguing Bible study and discussion. There are some well chosen expansions too. Check it out. If… Read more »

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    Reply to  Phil
    1 month ago

    Ya, the cussing would turn me off 😬 Ephesians 4:29

    With a desire to find a space for all things God, Geeks and Gamers built on a decent theological foundation, a group of theology nerds created TheoNerds.





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