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    This Video Game Mashes Culinary Creativity With Epic GMO Slaying Combat!

    Independent game developer Chris Cantero of Chazak Games is set to release his first title High Fructose, a roguelike FPS video game about slashing monstrous genetically modified organisms!

    Chris has been working in the AAA gaming industry as an animator since 2011, having contributed to Doom Eternal, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, and many others.

    Doom Meets Overcooked

    In High Fructose, you play as a Ninja Fox flung into fruit-teeming arenas and must slay all GMOs in sight! As you clear arenas, you will uncover the mystery of the juicy onslaught while upgrading your abilities and weaponry. 

    From Samurai swords, ninja stars, and magical wands, to submachine guns and grizzly bear cannons (it literally shoots fruit-hungry bears), there is lots of room for players to experiment and craft a playstyle to their liking.


    High Fructose was inspired by the ninja-like, first-person platforming game Ghostrunner. Players can wall climb and jump to platforms to position themselves efficiently. 

    The upgrades and player progression systems were influenced by Brotato, while the fruit-slaying action references Fruit Ninja.

    Finally, crafting elements of recipes were inspired by Overcooked and can be used to gain health, experience, and increase the maximum amount of coins that the defeated fruit monsters drop.

    Try The Demo

    There is a Steam demo to download and try, with the game set to release on Steam, the Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

    Chris is very active on Discord/Facebook and is very open about receiving feedback and ideas from players as he continues to develop the game!


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