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    1. Which article title do you like best?

      1. If Ben Shapiro Is So Smart How Come He Does Not Know The Torah?
      2. Ben Shapiro Does Not Know The Torah And Spreads Ignorance
      3. Ben Shapiro Says Resurrection is Not A Jewish Belief
      4. Ben Shapiro Admits That Judaism Denies The Torah
      5. Ben Shapiro Admits That His Jewish Religion Contradicts The Torah
      6. Ben Shapiro Admits That The Talmud Contradicts The Torah

    2. Welcome!

      We’re developing a service to block all porn, ads, trackers, and Big Tech spying (telemetry) on your internet.

      In the past, we have spoken about how you can combat Big Tech.

      We’ve also covered the importance of online privacy.

      However, we know that for you, this is either too time-consuming or technically challenging to implement.

      So for your convenience, we have partnered up with NordVPN, NextDNS, and Accountable2You to offer you a full service of internet integrity and filtering!

      However, here are three things you can do to start protecting your family online today:

      #1 Start Using A VPN

      #2 Install Accountability Software

      #3 Start Filtering Your Internet Via DNS

      If you have any questions about doing this, we’ll gladly help you in the comments here!

      If this is all too technically challenging for you, hold tight!

      We’re developing a system where we can implement all these things remotely while answering any of your questions!

      As we continue to develop our services, we would love to hear your suggestions or ideas of how we can improve things!

    3. Is the covid-19 vaccine passport a re-introduction of the South African apartheid “pass laws” which were, in turn, a reimplementation of the medieval feudal regulations regarding movement between fiefdoms to which serfs were widely subjected in the pre-plague times throughout Roman and British Imperial periods.
      Serfdom, and the travel restrictions with it, in the northern hemisphere was not fully eliminated until 1949 with the fall of the Chinese Empire.

      Quite possibly the implementation of domestic vaccine passports would qualify as a crime against humanity under Article 7 of the Rome Statute of International Criminal Court.



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