Here is a list of services and products that our TheoNerds contributors are currently using themselves.

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    [Affiliate] Accountable2You – One can forget Accountbale2You is there as it is so lightweight and well coded. With real-time alerts and a small subscription fee we recommended this service when battling temptation.


    [Affiliate] Presearch – A censorship resistant alternative to Google Search or Bing/Yahoo Search (owned by Microsoft). 

    [Affiliate] Odysee – Is an alternative to YouTube that has a greater tolerance of free-speech and an independent community lead system of video curation. Allows RSS integration too! 

    Cyber Security

    Mullvad VPN – We recommend Mullvad due to the fact that you can buy it with Monero and no-KYC, maximizing your privacy.

    BackBlaze – Is a great way to back up your important files and data.

    Decentralized finance

    [Affiliate] LocalMonero – This is a person to person exchange that does not require privacy invading KYC (know your customer). The arbitration fees are minimal and there are plenty of well establish merchants on the site. This is the best way to buy and sell crypto.

    [Affiliate] Monero Market – Buy and sell goods and services for Monero.

    [Affiliate] Monezon – Buy Amazon items with Monero.

    [Affiliate] NOWpayments – If you are seeking to easily accept cryptocurrencies online for products or services NOWpayments is a great solution. 

    [Affiliate] Ledger – A cold storage hardware wallet that can provide an extra layer of security for your crypto assets.

    [Affiliate] Unstoppable Domains – Domains that run on blockchain technology. Can be used to turn wallet addresses into human readable domains: thoenerds.wallet (only works for some wallets, like Cake Wallet for example). 

    Film & TV

    [Affiliate] Minno – There are some great shows on Minno for kids that teach solid Biblical truths that have high productions quality. Micah’s Super Vlog and Theo are two that we recommend!

    Marvel & DC’s War On God – A very well researched documentary on the Anti-Christ messaging within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

    The Corbett Report (Documentaries) – A collection of documentaries with regards to centralized power that all students of prophesy should familiarise themselves with. 


    Technocracy News & Trends – The website to stay up to date on Technocracy and modern globalism. See our interview with Patrick Wood, founder of this website. 

    Rebel News – An independent Canadian news agency which supported Christians pastors such as Artur Pawlowski when he was arrested for opening his church during COVID lockdowns.

    Scripture Memory

    [Affiliate] BibleMemory – Is a website and mobile app that can be used to memorise scripture.

    Tabletop Games

    Allies of Majesty  – A Christian tabletop roleplaying game and alternative to Dungeons & Dragons. See our article.

    Deliverance – The demon slaying board game and the most funded Christian tabletop games of all time. See our review.

    The Flood – Board game about building the ark before the flood of Genesis. See our article.

    Bible Games Central – Bible themed games for small children. See our review.