Here is a list of services and products that our TheoNerds contributors are currently using themselves. TheoNerds does get a kickback when purchases are made from these links so thanks for helping us out!

Cyber Security

NordVPN – We recommend NordVPN due to the fact that you can privatise your online connections with 6 devices.

BackBlaze – Is a great way to back up your important files and data. BackBlaze offers great bang for buck when compared with its competitors.


Accountable2You – One can forget Accountbale2You is there as it is so lightweight and well coded. With real-time alerts and a small subscription fee we recommended this service when battling porn temptation.


Minno – There are some great shows on Minno for kids that teach solid Biblical truths that have high productions quality. Such shows as Micah’s Super Vlog and Theo to name two.

Scripture Memory

BibleMemory – Is a website and mobile app that can be used to memorise scripture.


Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse – Think of a keyboard on your mouse that every tech nerd will love.

Boltune Wireless Headphones – Best bang for buck wireless headphones out right now. See our review here.


Scarlet and the Beast – A History of the War between English and French Freemasonry – For those who want to go down the rabbit hole of Freemasonry.

Orthodox Study Edition (LXX Bible) – See our article on the Septuagint here.

Tabletop Games

Pandemic – See our review here.

Once Upon a Time – See our review here.

The Armoury Bible Game – This card game can be used to teach your family the scriptures within a RPG Bible adventure.

Deliverance – is an epic “Christian Fantasy” Boardgame Adventure that features Angels vs Demons in a cooperative tactical dungeon crawler for 1-4 players.