At TheoNerds, we care about you privacy. Email is a public form of communication that can be read by anyone who has the know-how.

For this reason, we will only communicate with you privately using end-to-end encryption over the Tor network via Session.

How To Contact TheoNerds

Step 1. Download the free app Session

Step 2. Email your Session ID to with one of the following subjects:

  • I’m inquiring about advertising opportunities
  • I have an article lead or idea
  • General question
  • I want to write for TheoNerds
  • I want TheoNerds to do a review for me

Only include your Session ID in this email and nothing else.

Step 3. One of our TheoNerds will receive your Session ID and will reach out to you on the app.

Alternatively, you can chat to us publicly here or on Gab / Discord.