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    5 Reasons Why Bitcoin Is Doomed

    CEO and founder of Gab, Andrew Torba, recently posted a blog explaining the value of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. He explains how he was blacklisted...

    Ben Shapiro Admits That Judaism Denies The Torah

    In an interview with popular podcaster Joe Rogan, Ben Shapiro admits that his Jewish religion is not actually based on the Torah, God's Word: “Religion...

    Every Theology Nerd Needs This Board Game On Their Shelf

    TLDR Deliverance is a heavy tactical cooperative dungeon crawler board game with a prominent Biblical theme of angels vs. demons. With beautiful artwork and well-thought-out...

    This Is How Big Tech And Governments Profit From Sexual Exploitation Online

    In this episode IT expert and tech contributor of, Bodybagger is interviewed. The Porn-demic is exposed and a solution offered to combat this evil! Porn...


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