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    Every Theology Nerd Needs This Board Game On Their Shelf

    TLDR Deliverance is a heavy tactical cooperative dungeon crawler board game with a prominent Biblical theme of angels vs. demons. With beautiful artwork and well-thought-out...

    Racist Game Raises Over $1,000,000 on #BlackLivesMatter Kickstarter

    Ironically, Kickstarter has branded their website with a #BlackLivesMatter insignia while hosting a game about a well-documented racist: Charles Darwin. Darwin’s Journey, a board game...

    How To Publish A Christian Tabletop Game – Interviewing Patrick Lysaght of Commissioned

    Patrick and Katherine Lysaght are Christian tabletop game developers. They established Chara Games in 2014 and have published Commissioned, Three Seeds, Unauthorized and Soul of The Empire. They are...


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