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    Make Star Wars Great Again! How To Improve The Last Jedi

    You know Star Wars, right? Those movies full of amazing visual effects and sound, deep and immersive worlds, varying yet complimentary characters and memorable...

    Jackie Chan Apologetics: Learn To Do Evangelism Like He Fights

    Jackie Chan is an action stuntman extraordinaire. Having carved out a reputation in the West for performing all his own acrobatic and daring stunts,...

    How To Use Lord of The Rings to Tell Geeks About Jesus

    So, it’s probably within the realms of possibility that you know someone that likes, or rather, frickin’ LOVES The Lord of The Rings. Did...

    Too Bad Frodo’s Theology is Not Made of Mithril

    J.R.R Tolkien lived and died a Roman Catholic. He clearly had a solid understanding of God’s providence and moral absolutes and frequently exalted mercy...

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