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    Netflix’s Sonic Prime Explores the Multiverse

    The MCU, CW’s Arrowverse, and Everything, Everywhere, All at… (who cares?) are just a few of the biggest examples of the Multiverse trend in entertainment these days. But for a theme that has become a stagnant crutch for the next Hollywood blockbuster, a surprisingly refreshing take has arrived with Sonic Prime on Netflix (that I’ll try to keep spoiler free).

    Produced by Wildbrain studios and Man of Action Entertainment (Ben 10, Generator Rex, Marvel’s Ultimate Spiderman), this version of Sega’s iconic character stays true to form like other game and episodic iterations that portray the blue speedster with a smart-aleck attitude and a thirst for action and adventure. And as a staple aspect to the franchise, he’s again accompanied by his tech-savvy friend Tails and others of his inner circle that are committed to thwarting the schemes of the maniacal Dr. Eggman (preferably Robotnik to those Sonic purists out there😉).

    (Image from Screenrant)

    The show begins with Sonic and the gang attempting to stop Eggman from harnessing the raw, mysterious energy of a variant to the chaos emeralds known as the paradox prism. During a battle against his robot minions, Sonic recklessly breaks formation from the team to smash the prism into pieces before Eggman can seize its power. His actions result in an explosion, causing his reality to fracture into bleak and distorted versions of his island home.

    He is then thrusted to float aimlessly through the shard-riddled void of the “Shatterverse” until he eventually finds himself in the dark technocracy of New Yoke City, overseen by the Chaos Council comprising of the alternate form of Eggman with kin of his own. While trying to find his way through the city, he discovers the cynical, dystopic version of Tails and the parallel counterparts of his other friends, some of whom act as a resistance group to the council. Determined to venture through the dimensional rifts and collect all the prism shards to restore his reality, the stakes become higher as the Chaos Council pursue the shards for their own means.

    (Image from Screenrant)

    Unlike recent installments to the Sega IP like Sonic Boom (a somewhat amusing sitcom that’s predictable at times) and Paramount’s live action renditions (which serve as a filler to watch, if there’s nothing else on), Sonic Prime goes above mediocrity. The lively fluidity and expression of the animation work is the most robust of any Sonic the Hedgehog show to date. Apart from some drawn-out pirate shenanigans and a battle sequence that could have been cut back a bit, fans will enjoy the iconic action and humor from both the beloved cast of characters and their doppelgängers. Not to mention there are even moments where fight scenes seemed so precise in action as if they were strategically choreographed; a level of effort not often made for a show intended with a younger audience in mind.

    The engaging performance from the show’s voice cast also shouldn’t be overlooked, including the sincere camaraderie and drama between Sonic and Tail(s) as portrayed by voice actors Deven Mack and Ashleigh Ball. Sonic’s goal to restore his world ultimately brings him to a critical impasse that would affect the state of the varied worlds he has traversed and the inhabitants he’s drawn closer to in the process. As a story with a message of self-discipline and sacrifice, the storyline maintains its serious tone without being bogged down by excessive buffoonery to the point of devolving into bathos (also, I honestly didn’t detect an ounce of wokeness in it at all, which these days is a plus)!

    (Image from Screenrant)

    Though with positive reviews from many, there is uncertainty about its continuation since creator Duncan Rouleau stated the unlikely chance of there being a Season 4. The show’s concept artist, Peter Slavik, also suggested Season 3 may be the finale from a post on X, showing his gratitude to the fans’ committed loyalty.

    That’s disappointing to hear, but in any case, it’s a solid 4/5 if you’re a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog or looking for a well-told story that will invoke nostalgia, or even something enjoyable for the entire family.


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    The MCU, CW’s Arrowverse, and Everything, Everywhere, All at… (who cares?) are just a few of the biggest examples of the Multiverse trend in entertainment these days. But for a theme that has become a stagnant crutch for the next Hollywood blockbuster, a surprisingly...Netflix’s Sonic Prime Explores the Multiverse
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