Direct Bank Transfer = Monero Payment (XMR)

    Monero (XMR) is the world’s most secure crypto-currency, in fact we would argue that it is the ONLY true cryptocurrency. You can read more about Monero in an article we wrote here.

    How to pay with XMR:

    1. Set up a Cake Wallet 
    2. Buy Monero through Cake Wallet or LocalMonero
    3. Using a Payment ID, send your subscription amount to our XMR wallet – 44VRRc2PLsvSBD24zwoMAxPfr9WRsN6sWU1XeddydZJbgi6PxNYG6EdFVJJGmxetrWKTdVyN68VmHNnUu4Aw6fsCPaQm6GL (or type: theonerds.wallet)
    4. Come back to this page, submit your details and include your Payment ID under “company”

    Your subscription will be activated when we confirm the funds are in our XMR wallet. This is a manual process so please allow up to 24 hours for us to confirm your subscription. 

    If you have any issues or questions please contact us!


    Why No PayPal / Stripe?

    With Monero, you become your own bank. There is no need for any middle man for you to support us and we are free from payment processors cancelling us!