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    Thought Covid-19 Was Nuts? Wait Till Politicians Start Talking About Aliens

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    The TheoNerds discuss the coming Alien narrative that will soon be revealed to the world off the back of Covid-19 lunacy.

    00:01:08 – Arthur C. Clarke Space Odyssey Series
    00:03:07 – The Crazy Has Just Begun
    00:04:45 – Alien Definition
    00:05:48 – Politicians Are Going To Start Talking About Aliens
    00:09:19 – First Encounters
    00:10:28 – The Logical Next Step Of Covid-19 – The Super Man
    00:16:00 – Evolution Needs Aliens To Exist
    00:19:48 – What Is Atomism?
    00:21:23 – The Global Religion Of Scientism
    00:22:50 – Genesis 3:15 & The Seed Of The Serpent
    00:25:57 – Daniel, Transhumanism & Hybrids
    00:30:03 – Space X Mars Missions
    00:32:01 – Science & Magic
    00:33:20 – Extraterrestrial Vs Hyperdimensional
    00:38:59 – Jesus’ Return Is Going To Be Awesome
    00:41:58 – The Vatican And Aliens
    00:45:48 – Now You’re Thinking With Portals
    00:48:04 – The Artilect War
    00:51:04 – The Hive Mind, Singularity & Omega Point


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