Globalism, Technocracy & Social Engineering With Patrick Wood

    We are heading towards world economic collapse with the introduction of a resource-based currency and a means of governance based on social engineering or social credits. 

    Patrick Wood has been studying modern globalisation for over 45 years and has written extensively on the Trilateral Commission, Technocracy and the World Economic Forum. 

    His eerie predictions are being realized in the wake of Covid-19 and the emergency powers governments have given themselves.

    How does this all relate to Biblical prophesy and what should Christians do in the face of Luciferian globalism? 

    00:00:31 – Modern Globalisation And Historic Technocracy
    00:04:06 – Defining Technocracy
    00:04:47 – Covid-19 Is Social Engineering
    00:07:48 – Technocracy & Bible Prophesy
    00:12:02 – Technocracy & Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI)
    00:14:18 – What Is The Goal Of Technocracy?
    00:23:21 – The Religion Of Scientism
    00:33:12 – Hijacking Evolution
    00:38:21 – The Tower of Babel & Universal Language
    00:42:08 – Scientism Is Not Science
    00:44:44 – Best Place To Find Sources & References On Technocracy
    00:46:58 – How Should Christians Respond Towards Globalism?
    00:58:01 – Social Engineering And The Coming Great Deception


    Technocracy: The Hard Road To World Order –

    Patrick Wood’s Technocracy News Website –

    World Economic Forum (The Great Reset) –

    Own Nothing And Be Happy –

    China’s Social Credit Score –

    Facebooks Occulus BCI –

    Facebook Social Engineering –

    2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development –

    Ray Kurzweil’s The Singularity Is Near –

    The Evil Twins Of Technocracy And Transhumanism –

    Erasmus Darwin & Zoonomia –

    Erasmus Darwin & The Temple of Nature –

    The Pagan Roots of Evolution –

    Earth Brokers: Power, Politics and World Development –

    Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation –

    Here’s How Zombies Have Conditioned You For Covid-19 –

    Star Trek: The United Federation of Planets –

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