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    The Crater Good on Front Page Discussion

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    Visual Exegesis, VR Art & NFTS With Full of Eyes

    Christopher Powers of Full of Eyes talks about visual exegesis, virtual reality art and non-fungible tokens (NFT).

    00:00:36 – The Influence Of J.R.R Tolkien & C.S Lewis On Art
    00:05:36 – What Is Full Of Eyes & Visual Exegesis?
    00:07:56 – Did You Grow Up In A Christian Home?
    00:10:07 – How Did Full Of Eyes Grow?
    00:14:19 – What Are NFTs?
    00:20:38 – Ethereum Vs Polygon
    00:21:38 – Does Someone Own Your Work When Buying An NFT?
    00:24:07 – NFTs & Royalties
    00:28:08 – VR Art / VR Exegesis?
    00:33:32 – Do You Have Any Hobbies?
    00:36:52 – Do You Listen To Music When Creating Art?
    00:39:39 – Advice For Christian Creatives
    00:45:44 – A Christian Alternative To Social Media
    00:48:36 – Who Would You Love To Work With?
    00:50:40 – Screaming In Music?


    Full of Eyes Text Interview –

    C.S Lewis The Space Trilogy –

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    Casting Crowns – Praise You In This Storm (Official Lyric Video) –

    Prodigal: An Animation –

    Areweave: Store Data, Permanently –

    What Is Polygon (MATIC)? –

    OpenSea: NFT Marketplace –

    Visual Exegesis Vlog –

    Hebrews 10:20 VR Art –

    David Arkenstone Music –

    Thomas Bergersen Music –

    Two Steps From Hell Music –

    Malcolm Guite Poet –

    Andrew Rumsey: Going To Ground –

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    6 Reasons Why You Need To Be Anonymous Online –

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    Sarah Sparks Music –

    Lacey Sturm Turns Song of Songs Into A Powerful Rock Single – Awaken Love –

    Save (Feat. Tyler Joseph) Full of Eyes Animation –

    TheoNerds Discord –


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