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    WoW Star Reckful Says Life Is Unfair, and He’s Right

    Byron Bernstein also most notably known as “Reckful” is a World of Warcraft player that rose to international renown within the online gaming community for being the first player to reach 3000 rating in ranked arena (season 6). This means he was at one time recognised as the top arena player in the world and set a new bar for others to reach. He also continued to dominate the WoW arena scene for many years after this.

    Good vs. God: Can the Two Coexist? My Story of Depression

    Many in the gaming community are stunned, hurt, and confused by the unexpected suicide of WoW star Reckful this week on 02/07/2020. How can a man who seemed to have it all still struggle to be happy? If he couldn’t stand this world, how can I?

    The Suicide Playlist – Music To Comfort The Downcast

    Avicii, Robin William, Chester Bennington and Etika, to name a few, are all spotlight entertainers who have ended their lives through suicide all while appearing to have everything that this life has to offer...