This Guy Created A Social Media Site For Christians After Being Censored By Big Tech

    Meet Andrew Torba, the CEO of social media site Andrew was working in Silicon Valley and found that opposition to his political and religious views was forcing him to keep silent. Censorship was a big problem that Andrew witnessed with big tech, and he wanted to give the world a solution,

    “Thankfully, God moved me to build what would become a digital Noah’s Ark of sorts.” (Source)

    Andrew is an outspoken Christian who frequently quotes Bible verses. He feared that there would come a time when it would be impossible to express Christian views on social media. He states:

    “As a Christian one of my most motivating factors for building Gab is to protect and preserve the ability to share the Gospel and openly talk about Jesus Christ online. I fear that one day very soon Gab will be the last place where this can happen.” (Source)

    Big Tech Is After Him

    Andrew also seeks to keep others updated on big tech censorship through Gab News,  

    “Censorship and tech tyranny are accelerating so fast it’s difficult even for me to keep up. “(Source)

    This fear of censorship is not without cause. You will not find Gab on the Apple or Google app stores because Andrew and his team of developers have been banned. The reason? For hosting content that was “defamatory and meanspirited.” (Source) Ironically, it is well known that it is open season on Christians or any conservative view on big platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube.

    Gab has even been denied service by Visa due to “risk-related reasons”. Andrew points out that: 

    “These banks have no problem processing payments for pornography websites which are loaded with child exploitation, human trafficking, and more.” (Source)

    Gab Is Open Source

    Unlike any other social media platform, Gab allows full Christian disclosure without censorship or shadowbanning, and it is also entirely open-source. Anyone can create and host their own Gab social media server. This means that if one server was to be attacked or shut down, another could easily pop back up. (Source


    Andrew’s specific theological views are unclear as there is no statement of faith on the site. He claims that Gab is not a Christian site but allows for Christians and others to speak freely without fear of censorship, so be aware that you might find some dodgy content. (Source) However, not knowing Andrew’s exact theology should not deter Christians from using Gab. The time is coming where Christians should consider supporting these types of sites as opposed to social media sites like Facebook and YouTube that actively promote anti-Christian sentiments

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