This Is How Big Tech And Governments Profit From Sexual Exploitation Online

    In this episode IT expert and tech contributor of, Bodybagger is interviewed.

    The Porn-demic is exposed and a solution offered to combat this evil!

    Porn Facts:

    ⚫ There are porn websites that are more popular than WhatsApp, Zoom and Amazon
    ⚫ Pronhub monetizes real rape videos and child abuse
    ⚫ “gay porn” is the most searched term on Pornhub
    ⚫ In 2020 Thailand banned Pornhub
    ⚫ There are 6 billion searches for porn on Google every year

    The IT experts at TheoNerds will:

    📱 Configure your router to block all ❌❌❌ websites on all devices!

    🚀 Optimise your internet settings, making your internet as fast as it can be!

    🛡 Encrypt your internet with military grade standards, protecting your identity!

    Launching October 20201!

    🔵 Join the Waiting list now! 👉👉👉

    Show Notes

    Block All Waiting List –

    Tech Articles For Theology Nerds –

    Top Ranking Websites –

    What’s wrong with PornHub? (other than the obvious…) –

    Why does Canada allow this company to profit off videos of exploitation and assault? –

    BREAKING: Thailand Shuts Down Pornhub For Violating Computer Crimes Act –

    Pornhub Exposed as #Traffickinghub

    Install Accountability Software –

    Start Using A VPN –

    Start Filtering Your Internet Via DNS –

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