These Bible Super Hero Shirts Make The Perfect Christmas Gift

    Wrath and Grace, a Georgia-based Christian clothing and publishing business, has released a new line of comic book Bible hero t-shirts that will get the attention of any TheoNerd.

    They are available for pre-order and are officially shipped in December, meaning you can get them just in time for Christmas! Here are our top 5 for you to check out:

    Sola Surfer

    The Sola Surfer is much like the Silver Surfer but with Solas of the Reformation, obviously…

    Iron Sharpens Iron Man

    Based on Proverbs 27:17 this one would be good to wear in the company of Christian friends when chopping doctrine.

    Luminous Lantern

    This Green Lantern inspired superhero is holding up the truth of God’s Word as a lamp in the dark (2 Peter 1:19) amidst a perverse and crooked generation! (Philippians 2:15)

    Captain Marvelous Light

    It would be worth doing a Bible study on the word “Marvel” in the Scriptures. Until then, why not rock this 1 Peter 2:9 inspired superhero?

    The Only Hero To Die For The Villian

    The greatest hero is none other than the perfect Lamb of God who died for His enemies to reconcile them to Himself. This is truly the greatest story ever told and one we should wear and promote with confidence.

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