Exposing The Occult Roots of Evolution With Paul James Griffith

    Zo & Bodybagger of interview ancient historian Paul James Griffith on the pagan roots of evolution. They also over druidism in pre-Christian Britain and Ireland. 

    00:00:50 – How Did You Get Into The New Age?
    00:08:27 – How Did You Get Out Of The New Age?
    00:16:38 – Bodybagger’s Similar Experience
    00:20:49 – How Did You Discover The Pagan Origins Of Evolution?
    00:25:14 – What Is The Connection Between Darwinism And Freemasonry?
    00:29:01 – What Did Pre-Christian Britain & Ireland Look Like?
    00:33:36 – Germanic Druidism
    00:35:15 – Understanding Ancient History
    00:39:34 – Hindu Caste System In Evolution
    00:44:07 – Christian Heritage Edinburgh?
    00:48:02 – How Post-Modernism Destroys History
    00:49:30 – Thoughts On The Book: After The Flood
    00:50:25 – Are You Writing A Book?


    The Pagan Roots of Evolution –

    William Cooper’s Mystery Babylon Series –

    After The Flood Book –

    Druidism In Pagan Scotland –

    Keating’s Ancient History of Ireland –

    Paul James-Griffiths On The Table of Nations –

    Evolution And Racism –

    Christian Heritage Edinburgh –

    TheoNerds Discord Server –



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