Pop-Culture & Brainwashing

    Bodybagger and Zo discuss Mystery Babylon and social engineering with the use of video games, Zombies and even Apple’s coming Foundation series to brainwash you into rebellion against God.

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    00:01:07 – First Time Encountering Transhumanism?
    00:05:48 – Social Engineering Through Virtual Reality
    00:08:49 – B. F. Skinner’s Influence On Video Games
    00:12:50 – Utopia Without God Is Madness
    00:14:05 – Zombie Pop Culture And Covid-19
    00:20:34 – The Intelligence Community And The Occult
    00:27:52 – How To Overcome Brainwashing
    00:29:58 – Anti-Christ Messaging In The Foundation Sci-fi Series
    00:33:56 – How To Respond To Globalism
    00:37:43 – Christians Don’t Fear Death


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