We Are Not In The Millenium

    Both Amillennialism and Postmillennialism view the 1000 years described in Revelation 20 as an allegorical and unspecific time. 

    Premillennialism, on the other hand, is the only view that states that the binding of the Dragon (the Devil) for 1000 years is absolute, literal, and specific.

    Amillennialism, and some postmillenials, will state that we are currently in the millennial age, a time in which the Devil is bound (not in an absolute sense) and the Gospel advances to the ends of the Earth before Jesus returns.

    The reality is that the advancement of the Gospel to the ends of the earth is affirmed by all three positions. The dispute has to do with the nature of the binding of the Devil and the time surrounding this period.

    It is also worth pointing out that Christ does not reign for 1000 years; the Millennium describes the Dragon (the Devil) who is bound for this period and is then again shortly released and thrown into the lake of fire.

    When Jesus returns, He reigns forever.

    Those Who Say We Are Currently In The Millennium Are Not Theology Nerds. 

    A careful reading of Revelation 19 demonstrates that it is impossible for us to currently be in the Millennium, even if that Millennium is an allegorical, unspecified period of time between Jesus’ ascension and His return.

    Revelation 19:17-21 describes the beast and false prophet being captured and thrown into the lake for fire before the Millennium in Rev 20.

    After the Millennium, the Devil is described as being thrown into the lake of fire where the beast and false prophet are Rev 20:10.

    Therefore if we are in the millennial age, then the beast and false prophet must currently be in the lake of fire.

    This can’t be the case as Paul describes the revealing of the man of sin (the beast) to be a future event, which is destroyed by the coming of Christ in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

    This proves to be an unreconcilable contradiction within the foundations of both Amillennialism and Postmillennialism. Therefore, all the other claims that follow from these positions can be rejected, as our current participation in the Millennial age is a necessary presupposition of these views. 

    The Earliest Christian Writers Deny We Are In The Millennium 

    Not only does the scriptures clearly state we are not currently in the Millennium but the earliest Christian writings outside the Bible state the case. 

    The Ante-Nicene Fathers is one such collection of writings.

    Whenever the term “Millennium” appears in this collection of works, it’s always from the perspective of a literal 1000 year reign. This is easy to do through a word search using the free software e-Sword (let me know in the TheoNerds Discord if you need help setting this up). 

    Even the Postmillennial think tank The American Vision admits this and has to appeal to ignorance to justify the Postmillennial view of end times. 

    Here is one example of how Eusebius reflects upon the oral tradition passed down to him by Aristion, which he claims was also communicated by the Apostle John: 

     “Amongst these he says that there will be a millennium after the resurrection from the dead, when the personal reign of Christ will be established on this earth. He moreover hands down, in his own writing, other narratives given by the previously mentioned Aristion of the Lord’s sayings, and the traditions of the presbyter John.” -Eusebius, 18, Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 1

    Notice how the resurrection proceeds the physical reign of Christ on earth. This is the “first resurrection”, the partial resurrection of the saints who died during The Great Tribulation (Revelation 20:4-5).

    There are other mentions of a literal Millennium, such as Chap. V. – The Mystery of the Tabernacles. Ante-Nicene Fathers, Volume 6 if you want to chase that down.

    Jesus Gets All The Glory, Not Some of It

    Premillennialism is the eschatology of truth that affirms Jesus’ words about the end days being like the days of Noah and Lot. Such days of evil are gloriously cut off by the warrior King who knows how to roll heads without anybody’s help.

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