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    The Evil Twins of Technocracy and Transhumanism Book Review


    The Twin Evils of Technocracy and Transhumanism by Patrick Wood is an excellent overview of the current movers and shakers of global political domination that has dramatically reared its head in the wake of Covid-19.

    There are plenty of loose threads to pull that will start your journey to investigating this pressing topic and certainly enough meat to sink your teeth into however, the book’s strengths are also its weakness. There are many agreeable assertions that are not justified within the text itself.

    This is a must read for all those who want to know where this is all going.


    • Easy read
    • Focused (does not go down rabbit trails)
    • Adequately addresses the key issues of both technocracy & transhumanism
    • Includes bibliography for further reading
    • Includes Bible Questions and Answers about End Times


    • Has an overtly USA focus
    • Includes many assertions that are correct but are not justified within the text
    • Practical solutions to combat technocracy and transhumanism are light-touch


    Patrick Wood is an expert in technocracy and has been studying the rise of modern globalism for over 40 years.

    With many knowing that the events since 2020 are suspicious and as people seek answers, this book provides a needed resource for you to hand to those who are honesty seeking answers for dark and difficult questions. Like:

    • Who is behind modern globalism?
    • Where did they come from?
    • What do they ultimately believe?
    • Where this is heading without change?

    Closing Thoughts

    Patrick has written extensively of technocracy in pervious works, albeit in greater details, the strengths of this work particularly surrounds the topic of transhumanism.

    A very strong argument is made that connects the modern forced gene therapy mRNA shots with a transhumanist agenda to permanently, capture, store and alter all biological lifeforms via a biological diversity agenda, something that will leverage the profits and power of a sharp scientific elite (technate).

    The sections are laid out in easily digestible segments, a perfect book to read on the move.

    Since Patrick is himself a United States citizen, a significant portion of the book is focused on issues that primarily deal with the USA.

    An appendix of frequently asked Bible questions and answers are listed at the back that deals with eschatology which is helpful but by no means extensive. Patrick has a website, RevelationGATE, that is dedicated to the subject.

    Let others know your thoughts on the book in the comments below!


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