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    The Flood Board Game: A Unique Creation In The Board Game Space 

    Elijah Morar of Bedouin Games cut his teeth on board games playing 3-6 hour sessions and even night-long, competitive play-throughs of Uno and Monopoly. 

    Over the years, his enthusiasm for board games only grew, as did a desire to create a Bible-based game. 

    This led to Bedouin Games’ development to bring to life The Flood, a high-quality board game unique to the current market. 

    The Flood is a 2-6 player resource management game where players compete to build the Ark before the flood in the days of Noah.

    Elijah was inspired to name his publishing company Bedouin Games to reflect the life of the Christian. The Bedouins are nomadic people that travel from place to place. In this sense, they reminded Elijah of the Christian’s experience as a traveler in this world, never settling but journeying towards our true home with Christ. 


    While reading through the Bible to garner inspiration for a biblical board game, the account of the flood made him pause. 

    In describing the beginnings of The Flood, Elijah explained:

    “I was fascinated with what the world could have looked like before the flood. I ran the idea by my brother and his spouse and started concepting the design and engineering The Flood board game. This is how Bedouin Games was formed.” 

    The Flood board game started to take shape as AAA artists joined the team, such as Ben Maier, the art director that has worked on The Elder Scrolls Online, Magic the Gathering, Injustice League of Legends: Wild Rift, and more.

    Like Catan, The Flood features a bird’s eye view of the surrounding typography, inspired by Elijah’s childhood obsession with real-time strategy games like Westwood’s Dune: 2000. 

    Game Story

    According to Elijah,

    “The Flood Board game is based on the story from the Bible, where Noah built the Ark before the flood. In the Flood board game, the players enter the world thousands of years old and assume the role of Noah.” 

    Players survey the land, build Huts, Camps, and connect them with cargo animal cards. By gathering and mining resources and sending cargo animals out into the world of the Flood to get a particular resource or complete an event, you race towards the goal of completing the Ark.

    Since the Bible describes Noah and his sons only using pitch and gopher wood to construct the Ark, players use natural resources in The Flood with intellectual sophistication and clever engineering. 

    Game Play

    Players advance in The Flood through:

    1. Strategically picking the tile to place your future Ark
    2. Rolling dice, collecting resources, moving your cargo animal, and trading 
    3. Completing all stages of the Ark before the Flood and getting the animals into the Ark.

    Elijah explains that The Flood is:

    “a combination of Eurogame mechanics, engine building, Hero token movement trading, and more.” 

    The game features exciting miniatures, high-quality components, and beautifully crafted cards that bring the world to life. The theme is uniquely faithful to the biblical narrative while remaining light and fresh, facilitating high replayability. 

    Board Games With Eternity In Mind 

    Another desire driving The Flood’s creation was to produce a fresh and visually attractive product that would encourage anyone to play, whether a believer or not. 

    Board games like The Flood facilitate those “campfire moments” where believers can minister to people, leaving a lasting impression that hopefully instigates a spiritual beginning by God’s grace. 

    Head to the Kickstarter page to check out this incredible game, and make sure to tell your fellow Theology Nerds! 


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