Love Your Neighbour Means Leaving Facebook: Why TheoNerds Has Permanently Deleted Their Facebook Accounts

    We no longer believe it is consistent with Christian ethics to remain with a publisher that lies to its users, censors their posts, promotes things God abhors and has contempt of your personally identifiable information.

    It is for this reason we have decided to abandon Facebook as a means of promoting TheoNerds. We hope you will continue to find value from the many contributors of TheoNerds by connecting with us on Facebook’s superior competitors.

    With great emphasis, we plead that you will likewise permanently delete your Facebook accounts and join us on this exodus. We are releasing content in the future that continues to expose the dangers of centralized communications and what you can do to protect your family.

    Unfortunately, many Christian groups have invested too much on this platform to abandon it and are ignorant of its dangers. If you choose to leave with us, you will be encouraging other groups to do likewise.We hope and pray that God will grant you wisdom in your decision.

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    With a desire to find a space for all things God, Geeks and Gamers built on a decent theological foundation, a group of Evangelical social outcasts created TheoNerds

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