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    Introducing The Ultimate Community For Theology Nerds: TheoNerds+

    Our goal at TheoNerds has always been to build the most theologically sound space on the internet for Theology Nerds.

    Too many “Christian” geek sites, who are well-intentioned, lack theological vigor or are flat-out heretical.

    We wanted to see Christians celebrate their geeky hobbies, but not at the expense of truth. Truth is greater than culture. 

    In fact, we are one of the only Christian geek sites that have a detailed statement of faith! 

    TheoNerds is a space where you’ll never feel excluded or strange for wanting to be biblical.

    The Ultimate Community Site For Theology Nerds!

    We strive to bring you our best as we put Theology before you Nerds, so we plan to release more podcasts and video materials moving forward!

    To do this, we are introducing TheoNerds+

    TheoNerds+ saves bandwidth and makes as fast as possible. It also creates a special community for Theology Nerds who want to meet other Christian geeks for fellowship.

    TheoNerd+ members help cover the costs of running the site and essentially sponsor our creators to research and produce more of the content that you all love!


    As a result, we wanted to give members some special perks:

    • Exclusive community live chat with the TheoNerd contributors. 
    • Bonus podcast episodes and a behind-the-scenes look into TheoNerds.
    • Newsfeeds that update in real-time, with over 80 news sources, so you can stay on top of what is happening in the world! 
    • Online Christian courses that cover everything from internet filtering to homemaking and finance. 

    Come join all us nerds as a TheoNerds+ member!

    We Are So Thankful!

    God is using this little site run by a bunch of nerds to reach thousands of people on a monthly basis! 

    Would you please pray for those who visit that the Holy Spirit would do a work in them. Unless God builds the house, we all labor in vain! 

    If you feel like you would be a good fit on the TheoNerds team, we would love to hear from you! You can apply here. 


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    With a desire to find a space for all things God, Geeks and Gamers built on a decent theological foundation, a group of theology nerds created TheoNerds.


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