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    Two Cute Bible Games Your Kids Need To Know About

    Alvin Gan and his wife have teamed up together to produce creative gospel and evangelism resources for children.

    It started out with a website (Let the Little Children Come). In an interview with Alvin, he said:

    “Our goal was to create gospel tools that effectively held the attention of children, while not distracting them from the message of salvation through Jesus. We tried to be as inclusive as possible in designing these games, meaning that we ensured there were gameplay options that catered to younger children and those who were less familiar with the Bible.”

    12 years ago he progressed to developing tabletop games intended to be fun and meaningful discipleship aids.

    We hoped that these games were fun enough to be played and enjoyed with pre-believers and serve to spark meaningful faith conversations.”

    They now have 9 board and card games available for sale on their new website, Bible Games Central, along with more than a hundred free games for kids Sunday School classes, youth groups, and even adult ministries. We’ll talk about two of their games here.

    Mission: Ends of the Earth

    This cute tile placing strategy game has players acting as missionaries who must gather resources and travel to their assigned village to spread the gospel.

    The gameplay is as follows:

    • At the start, each player draws a card detailing which village they must travel to and what resources the village needs. (Bibles, food, medicine, water purifiers, etc)
    • On each turn, players must roll a die to determine how many actions they can take. Possible actions include drawing and placing a path tile, moving your missionary, and using a “spade” token to move a previously placed tile.
    • The first player to reach their assigned village with the required resources wins!

    Emoji Bible Stories Card Game

    This card game is a little more diverse with 4 different gameplay options in one box! Each game mode revolves around using emojis printed on the cards to tell or guess various Bible stories.

    Game Mode – Guess The Bible Story:

    In this game, each player is given a Story Card that contains the title of a Bible story. Players then take turns playing Emoji Cards one at a time in an attempt to get other players to correctly guess the Bible story. If another player correctly guesses your Bible story, both of you get 1 point each.

    Score 5 points to win!

    Game Mode – Match and Guess:

    Stay alert to collect Emoji Cards that match your picture-based Purple Story Card. If another player correctly guesses your story, both of you get 1 point each. Score 5 points to win!

    Head over to the website to check out the other exciting versions of this game and the 8 other games they have to offer!

    Have you played these games? Let everyone know what you think in the comments below!


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