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    Wishing You All A Happy New Year From The TheoNerds Team! was launched at the end of July 2020, and we want to thank you, our readers, for being with us on this journey so far. 

    We saw a lack of theological rigor in geek culture and wanted to create a go-to space for Christians to get reliable information about tech, games, and pop-culture.

    We want to wrap this year up by sharing our favorite Christmas tunes.

    Thanks again for being a Theology Nerd and geeking out about the Bible with us! 

    Grace and truth to you all! 



    I grew up with the radio on and Top of the Pops was must-see TV, especially the Christmas special! Even before I became a Christian as a teenager, I remember loving “Mary’s Boy Child” whenever it came on, and I remember desperately wanting one of the fluffy hooded coats Boney M wore (earlier version of East 17’s on “Stay Another Day”).

    Now, as a Christian, although it is very easy to pick theological holes in some of the lyrics, I choose to concentrate on the childhood memories, the catchy tune, and an appreciation for most of the lyrics which you would never expect to hear on secular radio stations: “Oh my Lord, You sent Your son to save us …Your very Self You gave us …That sin may not enslave us” – Every time I hear it I praise God that it’s still aired and on music TV channels… and one day, I might even get one of the fluffy hooded coats! Happy Christmas everyone.

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    Shadow Fox

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    I love Christmas songs that don’t just focus on the birth of Christ but also point towards the reason for His birth– His death and our reconciliation to God. The idea of God leaving the perfection of Heaven and entering this messed up world is mind-blowing, and this song touches on that.

    It reminds us that Christ was humble and though it doesn’t directly say so, it’s a reminder to us of how wretched and undeserving we are of this amazing gift of salvation.

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    Scary Sary

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    One of my favorite Christmas hymns is the beloved “Joy To The World” by Isaac Watts. When listening to it recently, I was struck by how fitting the lyrics are for Jesus’ Second Advent. I then learned that the classic is based on Psalm 98, where the psalmist describes the joy the world has in the Lord’s righteous judgment at His coming. Go read Psalm 98 and then give this a listen:

    No matter what comes next, from all of us here at Theonerds, have a blessed Christmas and New Year, grounded in the joy of the Lord.

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    “I’ll Fly Away” is a hymn written in 1929 by Albert E. Brumley and has generally been performed in the bluegrass style with many covers over the years and even inclusions in secular movies & TV like “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” & The Waltons.

    The version by Johnny Cash & June Carter is my favourite as I was a Johnny Cash fan before I was saved and it always struck a chord with me.

    Now that I don’t just comprehend the lyrics, but apprehend them too and make them my own song to the Lord, I rejoice ever more as the day of my redemption from this physical world and body of sin draws nearer.

    Christmas is a time where even the secular world acknowledges the first coming of the Lord Jesus, the Christ.

    Now as one of His own it reminds me that he is soon returning to take His beloved to Himself and bring an end to all wickedness – in that Great & Terrible day.

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    While listing to a Rend Collective Christmas playlist this year, I was struck by this particular song. I love the Mumford And Sons vibe it has, and to be honest, it was the first time I considered the lyrics to this familiar song. 

    Ignoring the theologically inaccurate statement that Jesus was born on Christmas day (He was most likely born in September), the following words particularly moved me:

    “To save us all from satan’s power When we were gone astray O tidings of comfort and joy”

    Amidst a world of chaos and confusion, there remains an Anchor that holds us fast. True comfort and joy that cannot be taken from us.  

    Happy New Year.



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    Roger T.
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    5 months ago

    Have You Worked with Anthony Casperso Pastor and Writer ,Founder of “Brush Strokes of a Theo Nerd,” (commonly called “Theo Nerd for the last 6-years ), for the Last 10-Years. Writing Both Weekly Sermon’s ,and bi-weekly Blogs ? He wrote… Read more »

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    Reply to  Roger T.
    5 months ago

    No we have not, but we would always welcome others to contribute if they wanted to πŸ™‚

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    Roger T.
    Roger T.(@roger-t)
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    5 months ago

    Should be Anthony Casperson. At ” Brush Strokes of a “

    With a desire to find a space for all things God, Geeks and Gamers built on a decent theological foundation, a group of theology nerds created TheoNerds.


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