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    New C.O.D Trailer Cold War Hits A Little Too Close To Home

    The latest Call of Duty instalment is set within the Cold War posing the USSR and the USA at odds.

    The trailer announcing this conflict features Yuri Bezmenov a former KGB agent head of propaganda who was sent to Indian to bring in Big Brother government- communism.

    He defected to the USA by disguising as a hippy knowing that many of his comrades would be executed should they reach their goals in India because “they knew too much”.

    Yuri was known for his lectures about the tactics of subversion the KGB implemented to topple government inwardly and bring in communism.

    Yuri states it was the goal of the communists to encourage lawlessness within a nation, break down moral restraints while pivoting social and economic groups against each other. The results of this would bring in bigger government, through which the communists can use to cause more social-political turmoil until the country turns in and on itself. The communists would then step in and help the trajectory of the nation towards civil war where the people themselves will help the communist party get into power through violent revolution. Yuri explains that this is a tactic that takes 15-20 years to implement.

    Watch this lecture with the current Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter phenomena in mind.

    Coincidence or too close to home? Let us know in the comments below.


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