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    Board Game Review: Pandemic

    Pandemic is a 2-4 player cooperative tabletop board game that requires about 45 minutes to complete and is targeted at audiences of 8 years old and upwards. It is produced by Z-man Games, the company that also produces Carcassonne, with several sequels being designed by Matt Leacock


    In Pandemic, players work together as various specialists to fight a global epidemic of 4 deadly diseases. This must be done by developing 4 cures before the disease spreads too far, the players run out of time or the outbreaks become so uncontrollable that worldwide panic ensues. 

    Gameplay Review 

    With these three unique ways to lose the game, it really feels like your team is battling 4 deadly and living viruses. You will be immersed in the gameplay as you are kept on your toes. The game’s illustrations do a good job to draw you into the world you are battling to save. 

    There are 8 unique roles that players can play which means there is plenty of replay value.  These include the Medic, Researcher, Scientist, Field Specialist, Contingency Planner, Dispatcher and the Quarantine Specialist. The game is particularly challenging and will force your team to meld your minds and develop clever strategies utilising your individual strengths. 

    This game is not pick up and play. Although there are plenty of resources online describing how to play with the game manual being clear and concise, there are many nuanced rules and gameplay mechanics to learn in order to play the game correctly. I’ve often had to refresh my understanding of the game when seeking to play it after extended periods of time.  

    You should buy Pandemic if

    1. You enjoy collaborative gameplay
    2. Want to be challenged
    3. Desire to put in the time to learn a semi-complex game 

    Parental Guide  

    It would be important to communicate with your children that God is sovereign over world affairs including global pandemics and outbreaks. This game is humanistic in its underlying philosophy implying that human knowledge or scientific experts can alone save the world.  

    Pandemic receives the TheoNerds Seal of Approval!  

    What Sre Your Thoughts? 

    Let others know if they should buy Pandemic in the comments below!


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